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30.09.2014 - One language trip, two cities and uncountable memories
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You want to make a language trip but you don’t know what to expect? In this case you are in exactly the right place here! One week I spent learning French in Montpellier and one in Nice. With this article I want to show you what a language trip can be like. Host family or student […]

29.07.2014 - Adapting to the holiday destination
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Spain is a popular tourist destination. But how should one behave to not step on somebody’s toes? Here you can find some advice for your trip to the beautiful south of Europe. A peck on the right cheek, a peck on the left cheek. This is how men and women greet when they know each […]

15.07.2014 - Chaos in England
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  Something got mixed up here… which English cities hide in the letter salad?   1) ELSED 2) ESERATNCHM 3) BIAEMRDCG 4) DFOORX 5) TNGROIHB 6) LRTSOBI 7) OEUMTHX   Have fun!   If you cannot solve the riddles you can find the answers here: Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3 Answer 4 Answer 5 […]

27.06.2014 - Welcome to our blog!
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Lingoschools.com is online for quite a while now and we are impressed how successful it is! We are happy to help people from all over the world to find their perfect language trip. Recently we launched an English fan page on facebook and now it’s time to start a blog for our English friends as […]